Executive Message

I have a dream to create a society where powerful are not allowed to oppress the weak and no one is given chance to deprive the vulnerable of its basic human rights to live to decide and to grow be a man of honor respect and dignity. Where vulnerable females, children, and men with their dejected hearts are no more abandoned but embraced, where kids are no more wandering in the streets but sitting in the schools where they are loved and protected, where orphans, homeless, rejected and marginalized find a home to live in.

Pakeezah vision ministry is the home and family to the abandoned Children women and men in the form of orphanages, schools, and elderly care homes and in this family, all of humanity is welcomed and regarded, without the discrimination of caste, creed, and religion. Our commitment is to rebuild the broken lives and provide a fair chance to every child, women, and man to grow and live their rights without any fear and oppression.