Give me Home

“Give me home” is the initiative of the Pakeezah vision ministries to protect the rights of the orphans and the children those are at risk, it is the project to wipe out the tears of the abandoned children and to bring the light of hope and joy in the pitch black world of a child who is struggling to survive in the society without parents, our untiring effort is to bring up the children upto its maximum potential so that he or she will be able to use its unalienable right of self determination to become the constructive person in the society.

In order to pursue this noble cause Pakeezah is committed to the project of building the homes to orphans, where the children will feel safe, content and secure in the presence of loving caring and compassionate appointed staff members with only one aim which is to foster the children in a way that their whole being develops not just the body but also the mind and soul to understand the life and its purpose. Under this programme, PVM will sponsor all the needs of a child providing and ensuring that the children get the food, shelter, clean water and predominantly the fair chance to get the modern education to withstand the competition in an ever-changing world.