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Danial Danish

General Secretary

I am Danial Danish and I am serving as the General Secretary of Pakeezah Vision ministries It is heart heart-rending reality to see that marginalized women and children are violated across the Globe. I grew up in a time when Ecclesiastes’ social class is occupied by the moth-eaten leadership. I grew up seeing the vacuum of leadership around me in the church and visible abuse and stratification.

Paul warned the Ephesians elders of wolves who would come and not spare God’s flock. The apostle borrows the image of the wolf directly from Jesus. As patterns of abuse come to light in the church, we urgently need this biblical warning that shows us the difference between a godly shepherd and one who preys upon the sheep.

A godly shepherd hears the cries of his sheep. We must hear the cries of our brethren and stay always ready to rescue persecuted souls. God commands us to rescue our suffering brothers and sisters. This is why Pakeezah exists to share in the burden our brothers and sisters bear. To encourage and bolster the faith of believers, while taking every opportunity to share the Gospel with the lost.
We do not always know how God will use us to impact and save lives, but with your help, we are able to answer His call and obediently move forward no matter what. I am grateful for your willingness to stand with us. We could not have done it without you!